I am deeply grateful to these kindred spirits (drop me a line at if your name should be here!)

Nika Mirer, whose love of pirates and treasure made the idea of a treasure hunt so appealing;

My family, which has both inspired my work and has been involved every step of the way;

Ident Group, the mastermind behind the JoyCompass website, providing us with unsurpassed design and support, as well as the source of a constant stream of compliments we receive about;

Ronni Bennett, who is more coherent about aging than most people on this planet. I learned more from speaking with her for 2 hours than I did from dozens of other sources;

Michael Garrett, my mentor at Columbia University who is generous with his time and priceless advice. It is safe to say that the JoyCompass trademark would not exist without him.

Mayra Reyes, the talented mentoring expert who contributes to Thank you for your friendship and support.

Donna Rohlf, Ohbeeb Cavalcante, Irena Rutenberg, Paula Chin and many others who inspired Joy Compass;

Joan Saunders, the wonderful editor of the Joy Compass book;

Millie and Larisa Volkov, Lara Lysenko and many of my friends who live joyfully;

Everyone who has worked on Joy Compass over the past few years.