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Joy Compass is here to help us talk about creative aging—
life strategies for being fulfilled at any age.

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There Are Many Reasons for You to Get Involved.

How many of these resonate with you?

  • You embody the values of creative aging and would like to share your experience with others.
  • You would like to discover something new.
  • You would like to develop a vocabulary to discuss these issues with your loved ones.
  • You like knowing that you are not alone in trying to figure this out.
  • You would like to be part of a thriving community that can be enriched with your participation.
  • You would like to take action to satisfy your needs.
  • You have years of thinking and observing locked up inside you, and you long for the catharsis of unlocking the vault.
  • You know you have something of value to share.
  • You would like to change the lives of people around you for the better.

There Are Many Ways to Connect.

Which of these appeal to you?

  • Reach out to people who are interested in leading fulfilling lives.
  • Write an article or even become a regular contributing author.
  • Influence someone’s opinion on the topic.
  • Let your voice be heard — post a comment, raise a question, suggest a topic for the forum discussion.
  • Share something interesting with the community — review a book or an article, describe a personal experience.
  • Create and/or volunteer for a committee.
  • Interview a positive (or a negative) role model.
  • Help us moderate the website.
  • Edit a great writer who needs help articulating her or his thoughts.
  • Become a recognized expert by presenting a virtual seminar.

We are excited to hear from you.
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