Joy Compass is built around a few simple ideas:

  • The myths our society has built around aging are hurtful and untrue. It is time to reexamine our beliefs and get to the bottom of these myths.
  • As a society, we have had creativity stomped out of us in school and at work. Most of us have been conditioned to simply go through the motions and nothing more. It is time to infuse creativity into our lives.

  • Creative aging means mastering the creative approach to life and using it to design the best life we can get.

  • The best antidote to feeling afraid of anything, including aging, is having a fulfilling life. Nothing beats a thriving, vibrant, fulfilled human being.

  • Dig through the layers to finding your treasure — joy, meaning, abundance, fulfillment — instead of taking shortcuts and wasting your life chasing a new gadget or another cookie. Life is wonderful if you are creative enough to figure it out.