About Us

Joy Compass is our vision of a community for people who believe in living rich, fulfilling lives at any age.

Many adults seem to fall out of sync with the world around them once they leave the world of full-time employment, and we have noticed the negative impact this can have on their own and their loved ones’ well being. Joy Compass is the essential destination for people who want the second half of their life to be even better than the first.

Joy Compass is a resource for successfully navigating life when one is free from the nine-to-five. Joy Compass enables you, our community members, to design fulfilling lives by offering you the following tools and strategies:

• An interactive book to help you plan an active, fulfilling life following full-time employment. This life can include work, volunteering, travel, learning and anything else your heart desires. Our program provides the tools to help you make the best and most rewarding use of your time and energies. It is the next best alternative to a retirement planning seminar. Check out Joy Compass: How to Make Your Retirement the Treasure of Your Life.

• A community website that taps into the collective intelligence of members who have successfully moved beyond the nine-to-five and are happy to share their stories and ideas. According to the 2005 MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures New Face of Work Survey, half of all Americans aged 50 to 70 want work that helps others, that has meaning and purpose, and that improves the quality of life in their communities. Joy Compass aims to help our community members explore the topics of work, leisure, meaning and joy.

• Expert advice on how to maximize your fulfillment and well being in retirement, whether you choose to volunteer, launch a second career or set up a consulting practice.