The Radiance of Light

Donna Rohlf is a psychoanalyst, a licensed Human Design analyst and, more importantly, a great humanitarian. Her life is dedicated to helping humanity better understand its own design and potential. In Part I of this interview, Donna Rohlf shares her personal story and the wonderful synchronicity that transpired to bring about recovery from a serious illness.

J: You had an extreme experience, by any standard; you had three weeks to live…

D: Yes. I had surrendered to allow my transition to unfold after several years of being misdiagnosed. I was in a state where the only thing that was happening was divine will. I was severely fatigued and sensed my life as I knew it was over. My mortal mind crept in and reasoned that life was not worth living if there was no energy to live it. It was in this surrendered state that I got a phone call from a stranger who said she had received my name from someone I had met two years before in a waiting room at an experimental therapeutic sound therapy office in SoHo. I was still trying and hoping to get better at that time. I remembered the woman vividly and our short discussion on light frequency healing. She sent this person to me telling her I had an unusual light healing machine. I agreed to the visit she requested. I responded noticing “the Divine is in every detail.” I had made a will but had not gifted those machines to anyone. I was pleased someone could use them and they would not go to waste.

I managed to get myself dressed and out of bed for the appointment. She arrived on time and shared many questions she had. She was an unusual looking woman. After I finished explaining how the machine worked, I gave one to her. I asked if she might let herself out of the door. I did not tell her this but I did not have enough energy to walk her to the door. A few minutes after she left, the door opened and she returned to my living room and politely said it was none of her business but did I know what was wrong with me. I simply shared that I knew I was dying and it was okay. I shared a bit about my history and let her know I was okay with dying. I reasoned that with the background I came from, I had achieved plenty and learned plenty in this life. I’m not sure if I told her about the domino effect of loss of my health shortly before my husband passed in 94’, then the loss of my life savings by someone I trusted, then the loss of being able to care for my home. This curious woman then introduced herself as a pathologist. She told me quickly four possible things that my symptoms could come from and insisted on setting up a biopsy the next day. Last on her list was skin cancer. To make the long story short, my life was changed. I went from preparation for death to the possibility of living in a day’s time.

The doctor I saw was concerned the blister on my lip may be cancerous. He refused to let me leave his office until he had contacted a doctor for a biopsy. Interestingly, this surgeon he sent me to, worked in the same professional building as my late husband. I noted of course the synchronistic nature of all this. This top surgeon knew immediately what was wrong with me and told me I was full of radiation all over my body. He demanded to know where this had come from. At first I said that I had been sun burned severely as a child several times. He was clear that this was not from the sun. Then the memories returned of childhood polio, the ten years of radiation after and the continual use of fluoroscopes by the family German pediatrician. It was not hard to retrieve these memories as I had often felt the helplessness of those childhood days in the present moment. The surgeon diagnosed me properly, and put me in the hospital immediately. He took out my bottom lip and was able to get all the cancer right before it spread throughout the body. He said three weeks later it would have spread throughout the body causing me to be a goner. I survived from the help of a total stranger and a doctor working in the same small brownstone building in NYC as my late husband. One wonders about all of this!

J: So, this person literally came out of nowhere, left and then came back – the whole connection was hanging by a thread…

D: Yes, she’d already left and was guided to come back. She was grateful to me for sharing the machine and teaching her how to use it. She didn’t want to intrude, but she wanted to be of service. This is when I learned that if you’ve been misdiagnosed, go to a pathologist. They seem to know various illnesses and how to pull it all together. They know what you die from, and what you don’t die from.

There is a side story to this because this woman happened to have a lethal liver disease herself. Several years later, I was able to help her and worked spiritually with her, after traditional medicine could not help her. Ten years later both she and I are alive. I have studied spiritual healing here in the US and she has spent much of that time with John of God in Brazil. We are both alive today from a deeper understanding of our spiritual nature. In Spirit, there is no disease. There is a natural harmony. We both needed to be one with the specifics of our divine purpose.

The irony of my life is that I was often healed through Spirit. When I had polio as a child, and my brother had polio meningitis, we both walked out of the hospital to the amazement of the staff. The doctors had never seen two out of two in the family that survived polio. They had one in five, one in eight, but never two or 100% in a family. So, they studied us with fluoroscopes till we were pubescent. That meant ten years of radiation for me. They said they were trying to find out where the polio went. They looked and studied matter, not Spirit or consciousness in 1947. Decades later that radiation caused a lethal form of squamous cell carcinoma. It’s been quite a ride for me. The higher frequency of man made radiation left me prone to a particular form of lethal skin cancer. I returned as my mother had to the higher frequency of Christ consciousness to heal the detrimental radiation. Each day becomes as gift to me. What a joy it is to be alive. I so appreciate each day with a new and much deeper understanding of the absolute laws of Spirit and Life. Slowly I am beginning to understand why someone like me responds to spiritual healing and others may not.

J: Did you feel you had a clean slate after you recovered?

D: Yes and no. It‘s more complex. I thought that the cancer that was removed gave me a clean slate for the moment. The doctor, however, said that this episode was just the beginning. I’ll never forget his words. He saw the effects of radiation all over my body. I made a decision to try to erase what he said. I knew from my many esoteric studies that energy follows thought. I decided not to go to 15 follow up visits. I reasoned that if energy follows thought, I should keep my thoughts on the higher frequency of my spiritual nature, not low in the density of what could be happening in my body.

I returned to the use of spiritual healing which is what my mother had originally used at the time of the polio. She had three children who were all deathly ill in the same year. Two from polio and one from mercury poisoning. It is enough to make anyone turn to God or Spirit for deeper understanding. After the operation I thought I would feel better but I didn’t get rid of my tiredness. Still another lesson emerged “Man plans, God laughs”. The mortal mind does not run the show!! Then I learned that people who had polio should not have general anesthesia. This top surgeon did not know about the effects of anesthesia on post polio and gave me general anesthesia. It was a mistake on his part and the resulting further loss of functioning led to a gain in understanding how Spirit can work. Polio survivors suffer from muscle weakness and brain fatigue. General anesthesia results in even more brain fatigue. Several years later this led to a diagnosis at the Post Polio Clinic in Englewood Hospital. I learned there that many of us who had polio were “Buddhas” who left one person out of their compassion, namely themselves!

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