Seven Ways Mentoring Enriches Your Quality of Life

No one would argue that the value of a mentor is immeasurable when it comes to a younger person’s learning, but you may be asking yourself, “How would the act of mentoring specifically enrich my life?”

Consider these seven ways mentoring contributes to your personal development: 

1. Mentoring provides you with a sense of self gratification.
Mentoring simply feels good. It is very rewarding to know your insight made a difference and had a positive impact on someone’s professional and personal development.  And when you feel good, you open yourself to other good things in your life.

How Becoming a Mentor Unlocks Your Potential and Makes a Difference

One of things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy

is doing things for other people. ~ Dick Gregory

I believe that accepting a new perspective can alter the world around us: our thoughts create our reality.   Take a moment to think about that. This is something I feel strongly about. In fact, my life’s credo is “conscious thought creates reality.” It is a life principle I keep in the forefront of my mind, especially in times of uncertainty.

Quality of life in later years = comfort and independence in our own home

"I had three children B.D.," a friend of mine told me yesterday. B.D. stands for "before diapers," or in the most labor-intensive (my term, not hers) way possible. “And it was before the automatic washing machines came on the market as well,” she moaned. This made me stop and think a bit about how rapidly our quality of life has been improving. We are all set to greatly benefit as caregivers and older adults as well.

I have been writing quite a bit about radical improvements to our quality of life at 50+. It is wonderful to discover more and more examples of how many innovative companies and products are being created to support us as we age.

Reshaping Your Experience in Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Stores

I interviewed Will Walton, who is in charge of NNP Technologies' sales in the Americas, at the National Retail Federation Expo in New York in January, 2010.

Will Walton: NNP Technologies is an original equipment manufacturer developing point of sales systems. One of our products is a slick, slim, futuristically designed wall-mount Kiosk. It’s used in pilot programs at grocery stores, for digital signage or price check in a store like Wal-mart or K-mart.

How New Technology Is Reshaping Your Retirement Experience

I interviewed John Hummelstad, Non-Executive Chairman of Yeahpoint, at the National Retail Federation in New York in January, 2010. 

Julia Valentine: John, welcome. What does your company do?

John Hummelstad: Yeahpoint was established in 2004 to bring self-service kiosk solutions to retail. It helps provide a platform for providing messages from brands to people walking through the stores.

JV: So, you provide kiosks, and if you’re walking through a store and can’t find a salesperson, you can come up to it and click on it. There are so many products and so much information out there. We need support finding our way…

JH: Stores are trying to drive down the costs and hire fewer people, so what’s going to fill in this gap? We always want things cheaper. So, you can do that through production (making things cheaply), delivery (making it more efficient to get to people) or through retail. We have seen it online, the eBay phenomenon and the development of low-cost items. We want low cost.

What is the Evolution of Collaboration?

Have you ever wondered what’s going to come after e-mail, texting, Facebook and Twitter? Donny Askin, Chairman and CEO of Arigo (, does know the answer to this question - because his company is built around it. What’s going to come next, says Mr. Askin, are collaboration tools. “Collaboration tools create virtual presence where the actual presence is not possible. We are in the middle of a communications revolution.”

Arigo a provider of intelligent trade solutions helping businesses manage critical information across their organizations. An intuitive one-stop Arigo Desktop provides access to data, tools and trade content needed to support global retail operations. Arigo’s clients include JCPenney, The Home Depot, Staples, Timberland and others. I interviewed Donny Askin, Chairman and CEO of Arigo, at the National Retail Federation Expo in New York in January of 2011. 

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