How to Find Motivation for Retirement Planning

The majority of Americans do not plan for retirement, even though it is an essential part of their financial security. Here are a few suggestions for finding the motivation, or the energy, to start on your path to prosperity. 

What’s at Stake

If you do not want to be among 80% of Americans who worry about income in retirement, and if you would like to create the wealth necessary for the peace of mind and the realization of dreams that you have for the second half of your life, you need to find the motivation to think ahead and take the right action now. 

Retirement Planning and Financial Scams, or How to Be Your Own Sherlock Holmes

Do you recall how famously focused the great detective Sherlock Holmes was on his profession and how indifferent to other basic facts about the world?  The man who could identify an obscure species of jellyfish actually boasted about his ignorance of the solar system.

Retirement planning and Archimedes

Remember the legend of the naked man jumping out of his bath and running out into the street shouting "Eureka! Eureka" ("I've found it! I've found it!")? The famous Archimedes principle, formed in the overflowed bathtub, states that the loss in weight of the immersed body is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced.

I often think about Archimedes when I talk to people in retirement. I noticed long ago that people talk – for the most part – either about their problems, or their passions. If someone has no passions, she or he will bring up their problems. Passions displace problems – although I haven’t quantified the formula the way Archimedes did (but I do take a lot of baths and continue thinking about it).

Christiane Amanpour: Courage, Self-assuredness and Curiosity to Reinvent Yourself

More and more people begin to realize that life is not linear. The fancy term for it is reinvention. It simply means being flexible, creative, adaptive. It is sometimes difficult for people to take the first step towards change, and so I asked Christiane Amanpour for some insight on how it could be done. 

Chris Gardner: What Helps Us Overcome Hardship?

I asked Chris Gardner what motivated him to persevere through the hardship he faced and what others can learn from that. Chris spoke about CHOICE and ACTION.  

Dave Berry on the Funniest Thing about Getting Older

Few people are as hysterically funny as Dave Berry. I have read most of his books, and I always wondered how someone could pull off being so witty so consistently. Dave is my first choice of asking this question...

Why Seasoned Mentors Do It

Forms of Mentoring

In an earlier blog, I described mentoring as a developmental partnership that offers you an outlet to channel some of the incredible knowledge you have gathered throughout the years to benefit the growth of a younger person.

Questions to Ask Before You Mentor: Am I Ready? Is It the Right Time?

Am I Ready to Mentor?

Are you ready and willing to mentor? Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are prepared to be a mentor:

Do I like young people and have a genuine interest in their development?

I think if you've made it this far in considering the idea of mentoring, most likely there's a place in your heart for young people.

Olympia Dukakis: Yoga Helps Me Find Out Who I Am

I have practiced yoga for years, and so I was thrilled to ask Olympia Dukakis at AARP 50+ Expo press conference why she finds yoga helpful. Olympia gave an answer worthy of the Yoga Journal. She spoke about acceptance trumping the drive for improvement. She also reflected on self-knowledge and mindfulness. What a great lady.

Readeo: Video + Reading Books = Grandparents' Quality Time with Kids (From Afar)

Readeo has introduced a new BookChat, which allows grandparents to read storybooks to their grandchildren using webcam via the web.  This has enabled seniors to connect with their loved ones far away through creative means. 

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