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Are You on the Right Path? How to Know for Sure

Why are some people confident that they are on the right path, and others doubt themselves every step of the way?

Are You Free?

There is a wonderful formula for anyone who is figuring out how to take the next step in his or her life: inner freedom. It is more than a formula, it is a state of being.

Inner Spring

Spring is upon us, the nature reminding us about an experience of inner spring that is available at any moment. Observe how nature renews itself every day and every season. Every new cycle brings about new beauty and new appreciation for life. Take an opportunity to rediscover that inner spring splendor is possible yet again.

Figuring out Social Security

The Joy Compass 12 Steps to Successful Retirement Series has been developed for Let's Talk Money! Sirius XM Channel 141.

Step 2. Figuring out Social Security helps you:
▪ Estimate the income you will receive;
▪ Navigate important decisions around early, normal or delayed retirement;
▪ Avoid a trip to the office and apply online;
▪ Prevent a big Medicare mistake; and more.

Retirees' Money Mistakes: 6 Perennial Pitfalls

The only mistakes to regret in life are those that could have been prevented. While all of us navigate the world of economic uncertainly, there are some fundamental principles that still hold. Keep them in mind, and you will avoid the common mistakes that retirees make with their finances. 

Take financial advice from friends and family over that of professionals 

A House of Light for My Christmas Gift

Having become a collector of experiences, rather than an accumulator of things, I take delight in all events wondorous, miraculous and warm to both my heart and my touch. This Christmas, my gift came unexpectedly when I walked into the Museum District Bed & Breakfast in Richmond, Virginia. My stay came at the end of a strenuous December book tour. The bus I took from D.C. was delayed, and I when I opened the door of the B&B, exhausted, my watch showed 1:10AM.

Retirement Reinvention: A New Mindset

Modern retirement is riddled with uncertainty and is much riskier than it was decades ago when there were many safeguards and veritable guarantees in place. The burden of assuring a suitable retirement nest egg has shifted from employers and the government to individual retirees. Even with this now common knowledge, far too many have still not adapted to the changes and find them self ill-equipped or, worse, entirely unable to retire when desired.

Joy Compass Retirement Fact Sheet

You will find these studies and more at https://www.joycompass.com/resource-categories/research-summaries.

The 2010 Wells Fargo Retirement Fitness Survey


Retiring with (and Moving Into) Raw Faith

Raw Faith is a must-see movie about Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell as she navigates her transition to retirement. Marilyn's website is http://marilyns.nexcess.net.  The movie is now available to order on DVD for Universities, Public Libraries, Churches, and any other Community Screenings venues. Email edu@kinolorber.com to find out how to obtain a copy or order online at www.kinolorberedu.com.

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