Posit Science DriveSharp: Fewer Car Accidents, More Independence for Seniors

DriveSharp helps reduce the risk of car accident by 50%! Ali Tran of Posit Science provides some excellent information if you would like to learn more. Visit the company's website at http://www.positscience.com.

I interviewed Ms. Tran at the AARP 50+ Expo in Orlando in October, 2010.

Highlights of the Interview

Ai Tran: Brain fitness brings you exercises for your mind, to keep you sharp. As you age, it’s important to think faster, focus better, and remember more details as they come in, so it is important to stay cognitively active. DriveSharp is a program designed to help older drivers, or any driver who wants to be more confident behind the wheel. It trains you to be more aware and alert on the road, thus reducing your crash risk by fifty percent.

There are three exercises designed solely for driving safety that you can do on the computer, just fifteen to twenty minutes a day. While there are other products that keep you sharp, this program has been designed specifically for users who are concerned with their driving skills. It is proven by Useful Field Review that with DriveSharp you are able to take in more of your peripheral vision. It helps you regain that, because studies have shown that peripheral vision begins to narrow as you get older.

As people get older, if they are not cognitively active, they cannot remain independent. Their quality of life starts to decline if they become more dependent on caregivers and family to help them function on an everyday basis.

Brain fitness allows you to keep your independence and your dignity, because you can drive yourself and don’t have to ask other people. With DriveSharp, both you and your family can feel safer about you being on the road by yourself.



Staying mentally sharp will enhance your quality of life and should be a part of your retirement planning. 

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