CAEL Helps Seniors Pick the Right Job

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) helps you search for and pick the right job. This non-profit organization offers unique assessments and interest inventory that help seniors discover whether the job is going to be the right fit for you. David Hansen explains how this works. Visit for more information.
I interviewed David Hansen at the AARP 50+ Expo in Orlando in October, 2010.

Highlights of the interview

David Hansen: Sometimes seniors will take a job at random, but won’t be satisfied because its not based on their skills and values. It is better to take an assessment with the CAEL's interest inventory, which matches seniors' values and skills to available jobs.

CAEL is a non-profit that focuses on adult education, because you don’t have to get to a certain age and stop learning. The whole goal is to get the right senior in the right jobs through our job search. There are at least twelve hundred job titles in America for you to search for, so there is the right job fit out there for everybody. Seniors can use interest inventory in CAEL to see what they would like to do before they go out and do it. The interest inventory compares your interests with people of the same gender in 108 different jobs, and divides careers into six categories so it can give you a clear direction of where to go. The basic core duties of what seniors are doing for the job itself are covered in the assessment, so chances are seniors will be satisfied with what they are trained to do in the job. 




Creativity and flexibility in getting work opportunities should be a part of your retirement planning.




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