A House of Light for My Christmas Gift

Having become a collector of experiences, rather than an accumulator of things, I take delight in all events wondorous, miraculous and warm to both my heart and my touch. This Christmas, my gift came unexpectedly when I walked into the Museum District Bed & Breakfast in Richmond, Virginia. My stay came at the end of a strenuous December book tour. The bus I took from D.C. was delayed, and I when I opened the door of the B&B, exhausted, my watch showed 1:10AM.

And then I gasped. Being in this house felt like being inside a Christmas decoration. I haven't felt this excited about a space since childhood. The warmth, the lighting, the colors were soothing and energizing at the same time. And, amazingly the house was filled with books - my favorite room accessory. Anna Currence, who bought and restored the house, retired to Virginia after a super successful career at Barnes & Nobles. No wonder every room had the perfectly curated selection of books.  

Excited about the house, I peeked into every room - the same meticulous attention to detail found everywhere - and then I discovered a bathroom worthy of a princess right in my suite.   And then I saw a note on the desk,"Welcome, Julia. Would you care for some port?" next to an elegant glass and an exquisite port bottle. I grabbed a Gladwell's book off the shelf, poured myself some port, and took one of the most enjoyable baths of my life. The house had what I can only describe as "presence." Life felt simple, full and peaceful. I knew the next year was going to be good. And the fluffy white bathrugs, a gorgeous warmbath robe ... Four Seasons executives would weep themselves to sleep for jealosy, had they been there. 

The next morning, Anna served a few guests a delicious breakfast. On the menu: bagels with lux delivered from Zabar's in New York (a gift from a friend that she shared with me and a few guests); berries, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, freshly squeezed juice, coffee - generous portions of delicious food, served in the elegant red and yellow dining room. "I have the same type of clients that I did when I worked for Barnes & Noble," said Anna. I've already booked my next stay.













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