Inner Spring

Spring is upon us, the nature reminding us about an experience of inner spring that is available at any moment. Observe how nature renews itself every day and every season. Every new cycle brings about new beauty and new appreciation for life. Take an opportunity to rediscover that inner spring splendor is possible yet again.

When people go through change, or through some difficult times, it feels like a reach for them to believe that spring will come again soon. Life can feel like a downward spiral, rather than a wave. To cheer up someone who is going through it, I like to have some fun with the concept of inner spring:

  • The inner spring that, unlike the regular seasons, is accessible to you the minute you need it;
  • The inner spring that lets you jump out of whatever hole you dug yourself into;
  • The inner spring that is the source of clear, nurturing water that satisfies your thirst and calms your nerves.

If you have ever considered a change with trepidation, and then had to face it later, it is important to remember that finding your inner spring is always possible. In a metaphorical sense, it helps you reconnect with your life force. Facing change is sometimes so scary that we disconnect from our power, our life force, until we can find our footing again. Know that it is ok for this to happen, because you can always find your way back to this connection again.

I often work with people who are about to retire, and one of them – we’ll call him Peter – was upset about change. After twenty-five years with his company, Peter was facing a change, and he was not sure what he liked to do. At seventy-five, Peter was convinced that his best years were behind him. So often, we talk ourselves into believing that. Some women lament about their best years being behind them when they are barely into their thirties! As a culture, we have little appreciation for our own ability to renew and flourish, and I am convinced that much of our resistance to change comes from that.

Fortunately for Peter, he could remember some powerful moments in his life when change brought around wonderful events, and he reconnected with that feeling. His positive anticipation of the future had an effect on his perspective, and he became excited about discovering what life could bring him next. Instead of fighting change, he started exploring it. His attitude changed, and he eased into what came next. Allow change into your life, and connect to the delicious experience of inner spring splendor.

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