Questions to Ask Prospective Mentorship Programs

When looking for a mentorship program that fits your interests and availability, it's important to find out as much as you can about the mentorship program before making a commitment. Here's a list of questions you might want to explore with a prospective mentorship program.

What are the specific requirements of a mentor in your program, such as: the length of commitment, number of hours per week/month, and types of activities expected?

  1. What are your screening procedures for mentors? For mentees?
  2. What role do I play in selecting my mentee?
  3. Is there a designated person at the mentorship program that can help me when I have concerns about mentoring or my mentee? How available is that person?
  4. What ongoing supervision and support do mentors receive from your mentorship program?
  5. Will it cost me anything to be a mentor in your mentorship program?


For mentorship programs involving children:

Does your program have specific policies and procedures for handling situations of suspected child abuse?

What are the mentorship program's policies for interacting with the mentee's parents, teachers or counselors?

What are you program policies about bringing the mentee to my home? Allowing the mentee to ride in my car? Taking the mentee out of town? Involving my family or friends with the mentee? Gifts to the mentee?






Decide if mentoring is right for you. Sharing your expertise will enhance your quality of life and should be a part of your retirement planning. 




Joy Compass is privileged to have Mayra Reyes as an expert blogger on the subject of mentoring.

Mayra Reyes is the associate director of administration for the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center and The Media Program at Columbia Business School. Her roles at Columbia primarily focus on communications and administration of various programs, including the School’s advising and mentoring programs for student entrepreneurs.

Prior to joining Columbia University, Mayra worked for the Center for Creative Leadership as a client liaison in support of its well-known leadership and creativity programs.



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