Joy Compass Retirement Fact Sheet

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The 2010 Wells Fargo Retirement Fitness Survey

A Checklist for a Residential Care Facility

A residential care facility is an option for seniors who need assistance, but do not want to be a part of a larger community, which is the way most assisted living facilities are set up. A residential care home usually provides service to only 2-10 individuals at one time. The limit for the number of residents in each home is governed by each state.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Option for "Aging in Place"

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is residential community for the remainder of one's life, and with an option of services and living situations. Seniors citizens can move between Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Nursing Home Care that is based on changing requirements at every point in time.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A checklist for In-Home Care Services

To choose the most appropriate home care services, you need to learn about various types of home care providers and services available to you. There are essentially two main types of home care services: "skilled" and "custodial." 

"Skilled" Home Care Services

Retiring with (and Moving Into) Raw Faith

Raw Faith is a must-see movie about Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell as she navigates her transition to retirement. Marilyn's website is  The movie is now available to order on DVD for Universities, Public Libraries, Churches, and any other Community Screenings venues. Email to find out how to obtain a copy or order online at

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Will your pension be enough to live comfortably?

Have you given any thought to how comfortable your retirement is going to be? The technical term describing your level of comfort is the replacement ratio. It describes the proportion of your average lifetime earnings that your pension will pay out. For example, if your average salary was $100,000 a year and your pension is $60,000 a year, the replacement ratio is 60%.

Retirement age

Every time someone brings up the minimum retirement age, I feel apprehensive. What scares me about retirement age is that while 75% of Americans say that they want to work in retirement, only 25% actually do. So, while we are going to hear more and more about raising the minimum retirement age, the fundamental question is, why aren’t people who say they want to work actually working?

Retiring Well: Why People Fail to Improve their Lifestyle

In my previous articles on retiring well, we discussed how change produces a sensation of physical discomfort, which is the major reason most people avoid it; how mastering change requires the basic understanding of how our brain functions; and, finally, the fact that our brain is a quantum environment and is subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, specifically the observer effect

Retiring Well and What You Need to Know about Quantum Physics

In my previous article on retiring well, I discussed how the brain is designed in a way that predisposes us to resist change and favor routine. In this issue, I will examine another mechanism of which you need to be aware: the observer effect of quantum physics. And I will certainly explain how it relates to retiring well!