How to Become a Mentor: Your First Step

The idea of a “network of mentors” is an alternative to the traditional practice of having one primary mentor-protégé connection. Here are some things to think about to help integrate mentorship in your life:

1. Identify your strongest skills (financial literacy, sports, career coaching, etc).

2. Think about what type of mentor role you would like to play. For example, do you want to be:  

a. A sounding board for ideas and concerns  

b. An advisor to identify career-related skills, interests and values  

Searching for a Retirement Paradise: Seven Attitudes of a Person Finding their Perfect Lifestyle

Ernst & Young reported in July 2008 that three out of five (60%) middle class retirees would outlive their financial assets if they didn’t cut back on spending significantly.  As more and more people consider this reality, they begin to search for options that guarantee a peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are not going to run out of resources. 

While some people take the attitude that cutting back on spending in retirement is a negative thing, I dedicate this article to the brave souls who welcome the challenge and venture out to explore the world no matter the budget. Do you think it might be you? You will find out soon enough by trying on these seven qualities of a person who would be happy picking up and landing somewhere in a tropical paradise with cheap food and housing (and believe me, there’s a bunch of people already sitting there).

For the past ten years, I have been preoccupied with a question: what does it take to be joyful and fulfilled at any age, especially after 50? By now, I interview people wherever I go as a matter of habit, and so when I celebrated this New Year in Costa Rica, I jumped at the chance to meet with the local experts and find out what is going on with the U.S. retirement community there. I spoke with Christopher Howard, who wrote a best-selling book on retiring in Costa Rica; Robert Shannon, who sells retirement properties mostly in “prestige” gated communities and George Lundquist, who offers tours called “retire on social security.” Since all three of them take people on retirement tours and have the benefit of watching thousands of Americans come in and out of the country, I knew they would come with something interesting to say. Their opinions were nothing like what I expected!

While I assumed that money was the primary motivator for anyone venturing a move to Central America, I was completely wrong about that. It turns out that the key to success is finding the right lifestyle – and saving money is just a perk! So, here are the seven attitudes and characteristics shared by people who create a successful lifestyle living in a tropical paradise. Try them on for size – or save a friend the hassle of moving there and back if you can see it is not for them!

1. Do you love nature?

Mentoring: Ways to Get Started

There are many types of mentoring programs out there; from informal to formal programs, one-on-one to group-based and from school to career-based. With a little digging, you could easily find a program that fits your personal style, time-constraints and best utilizes your forte to benefit a younger person. 

Here are a few formal mentorship program suggestions to get you started:

The Columbia Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurs (CMPE) links committed Columbia Business School student entrepreneurs with seasoned members of the School’s entrepreneurial community. Mentors will provide support, guidance, and concrete assistance on a one-on-one basis, to support students in the launch of their own business.

A New Cartoon: Arp is Being Rescued by Welth

Seven Ways Mentoring Enriches Your Quality of Life

No one would argue that the value of a mentor is immeasurable when it comes to a younger person’s learning, but you may be asking yourself, “How would the act of mentoring specifically enrich my life?”

Consider these seven ways mentoring contributes to your personal development: 

1. Mentoring provides you with a sense of self gratification.
Mentoring simply feels good. It is very rewarding to know your insight made a difference and had a positive impact on someone’s professional and personal development.  And when you feel good, you open yourself to other good things in your life.

How Becoming a Mentor Unlocks Your Potential and Makes a Difference

One of things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy

is doing things for other people. ~ Dick Gregory

I believe that accepting a new perspective can alter the world around us: our thoughts create our reality.   Take a moment to think about that. This is something I feel strongly about. In fact, my life’s credo is “conscious thought creates reality.” It is a life principle I keep in the forefront of my mind, especially in times of uncertainty.

Quality of life in later years = comfort and independence in our own home

"I had three children B.D.," a friend of mine told me yesterday. B.D. stands for "before diapers," or in the most labor-intensive (my term, not hers) way possible. “And it was before the automatic washing machines came on the market as well,” she moaned. This made me stop and think a bit about how rapidly our quality of life has been improving. We are all set to greatly benefit as caregivers and older adults as well.

I have been writing quite a bit about radical improvements to our quality of life at 50+. It is wonderful to discover more and more examples of how many innovative companies and products are being created to support us as we age.

Reshaping Your Experience in Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Stores

I interviewed Will Walton, who is in charge of NNP Technologies' sales in the Americas, at the National Retail Federation Expo in New York in January, 2010.

Will Walton: NNP Technologies is an original equipment manufacturer developing point of sales systems. One of our products is a slick, slim, futuristically designed wall-mount Kiosk. It’s used in pilot programs at grocery stores, for digital signage or price check in a store like Wal-mart or K-mart.