Retirement in Costa Rica Is About Your Lifestyle, Money is a Perk!

In January of 2011, I was privileged to have a conversation with two experts on retiring in Costa Rica: Christopher Howard and Robert Shannon. Christopher Howard is a world-renowned expert on Costa Rica. His best-selling book The New Golden Door toRetirement and Living in Costa Rica is available on Amazon at Wall Street Journal said, 'If you want to live or invest in Costa Rica, READ this book.' Christopher has published more than 10 books on living, retiring and investing in several of the countries in Central America. Christopher also did a special on Costa Rica for the National Geographic magazine.  Read Christopher's blogs and find out about his retirement relocation tours at

Robert Shannon helps people find the right property for retiring, vacationing or investing in Costa Rica. His website and tours provide detailed information on buying a property in Costa Rica, as well as cost of living, owning a business and many other practical concerns. You will also find Robert's blogs on

Introducing Arp, the Anti-Aging Alien Cartoon

This is the first cartoon in the Arp, the Anti-Aging Alien series. 

Is Medical Tourism a Viable Option in Retirement?

Money is tight, and people are looking for options to save on medical costs, especially in retirement. I spent the beginning of this year in Costa Rica, investigating the practical solutions to both medical and cost-of-living concerns of many Americans who approach their retirement with dread, rather than eager anticipation. 

How to Find Motivation for Retirement Planning

The majority of Americans do not plan for retirement, even though it is an essential part of their financial security. Here are a few suggestions for finding the motivation, or the energy, to start on your path to prosperity. 

What’s at Stake

If you do not want to be among 80% of Americans who worry about income in retirement, and if you would like to create the wealth necessary for the peace of mind and the realization of dreams that you have for the second half of your life, you need to find the motivation to think ahead and take the right action now. 

Retirement Planning and Financial Scams, or How to Be Your Own Sherlock Holmes

Do you recall how famously focused the great detective Sherlock Holmes was on his profession and how indifferent to other basic facts about the world?  The man who could identify an obscure species of jellyfish actually boasted about his ignorance of the solar system.

Retirement planning and Archimedes

Remember the legend of the naked man jumping out of his bath and running out into the street shouting "Eureka! Eureka" ("I've found it! I've found it!")? The famous Archimedes principle, formed in the overflowed bathtub, states that the loss in weight of the immersed body is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced.

I often think about Archimedes when I talk to people in retirement. I noticed long ago that people talk – for the most part – either about their problems, or their passions. If someone has no passions, she or he will bring up their problems. Passions displace problems – although I haven’t quantified the formula the way Archimedes did (but I do take a lot of baths and continue thinking about it).

Part I. To Get Old Is a Wonderful Time of Life

Ronni Bennett is a remarkable woman, a brilliant writer and an advocate for elders. Her blog is an absolute treasure. Ronni discusses aging with awareness, sensitivity, compassion, candor and common sense. 

I was privileged to interview Ronni on a variety of subjects centered around aging. Anyone who reads Ronni's blog knows that she is one of the best-informed people in the country on the subject of aging. She takes her time researching, forming, presenting and - the trait I greatly admire - revising her opinions. 

Ronni is a talented teacher: encouraging, passionate, generous with her time and knowledge, articulate and remarkably ... fun! When I thought of condensing our two-hour interview into a few pages, I found myself reluctant to do so. Reading Ronni's blog and speaking with her about the subtle language of agism transformed my thinking, and I find it very important to share this experience. The result is a three part interview that I truly hope you enjoy!

Part I

The importance of taking the subtle language of agism out of circulation; 
The personal tragedy and the irrationality of age discrimination;
Why we are our own role models (nobody has ever admitted to getting old);
Ways in which old people are ignored, and Nothing changes overnight (particularly entrenched attitudes).

Part II . Every Year, Life Has Gotten Better

"Every year, even through periods of difficult times, life has gotten better," says Ronni Bennett in the second half of her interview. She speaks about meeting full potential, the wonderful community, being candid, and having her real, true self come through in her blogs.

Part III. I Want Our Perception of Aging to Be Positive

In the last part of her interview, Ronni Bennett acknowledges that she does not suffer the fools gladly on She explains why being old is a stage of life as important, rich, enjoyable and different as any other stage of life. She talks about the difference between refusing to keep up with the times and adhering to well-thought out opinions and behaviors. Finally, we discuss quality of life and why young and old, except for antiques, should describe only age, rather than the quality of our experience.

Continued from Part II. Every Year, Life Has Gotten Better

Listen to this podcast of this interview on Joy Compass

X. Ronni Bennett on Not Suffering the Fools Gladly