Give Joy

Be kind to yourself this holiday season. Holidays are so simple. They are about sharing joy with people we love, and, sometimes, with strangers as well. Last year, I woke up in panic when my fully decked out Christmas tree fell at 4AM... a few hours later, six of my neighbors were helping me rescue what was left of the ornaments. One of them was my friend, we bumped into the other one on the elevator, and the rest showed up when they heard the commotion. The huge fallen Christmas tree with piles of broken glass in the middle of the living room drew people in. They stayed for tea. We got a lot of entertainment out of it.

It would take me some time to remember the gifts I gave and received for the holidays last year, but we still laugh about the tree. The warmth of the holidays is about relaxing over a warm cup of tea with likable people. In my part of the hemisphere, as the snow falls down, it is time to hibernate, rather than fight the crowds at the local department store.  

Christiane Amanpour: Courage, Self-assuredness and Curiosity to Reinvent Yourself

More and more people begin to realize that life is not linear. The fancy term for it is reinvention. It simply means being flexible, creative, adaptive. It is sometimes difficult for people to take the first step towards change, and so I asked Christiane Amanpour for some insight on how it could be done. 

Chris Gardner: What Helps Us Overcome Hardship?

I asked Chris Gardner what motivated him to persevere through the hardship he faced and what others can learn from that. Chris spoke about CHOICE and ACTION.  

Dave Berry on the Funniest Thing about Getting Older

Few people are as hysterically funny as Dave Berry. I have read most of his books, and I always wondered how someone could pull off being so witty so consistently. Dave is my first choice of asking this question...

Less Judgement, More Honesty and Plenty of Resilience

I interviewed Lesley Jane Seymour, the editor-in-chief of the More magazine, at the More Reinvention Convention in New York in October. More magazine is for women of style and substance. It has a circulation of 1.3 million, and the median reader age of 51.

Julia Valentine: What I particularly like about More magazine is that you write for and about women of substance. You don’t use celebrities just to attract an unhealthy attention to their life. You feature women of substance who actually have something to say. In one of your blogs, you wrote that you tried featuring real women on the cover and it did not quite work.

Lesley Jane Seymour: Unfortunately, real women don’t sell on covers. Everybody is waiting for what will happen when we’re done with this celebrity thing. We’re all kind of sick of the celebrity thing. The truth is, they still sell covers of magazines. They don’t sell what they used to, because they are all so overexposed, but nothing new has come to take its place, and that is the big problem.

Julia Valentine: Isn’t it interesting that the same people who complain that there aren’t enough real women in commercials and advertising, vote differently with their money?

Why Seasoned Mentors Do It

Forms of Mentoring

In an earlier blog, I described mentoring as a developmental partnership that offers you an outlet to channel some of the incredible knowledge you have gathered throughout the years to benefit the growth of a younger person.

Questions to Ask Before You Mentor: Am I Ready? Is It the Right Time?

Am I Ready to Mentor?

Are you ready and willing to mentor? Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are prepared to be a mentor:

Do I like young people and have a genuine interest in their development?

I think if you've made it this far in considering the idea of mentoring, most likely there's a place in your heart for young people.

Olympia Dukakis: Yoga Helps Me Find Out Who I Am

I have practiced yoga for years, and so I was thrilled to ask Olympia Dukakis at AARP 50+ Expo press conference why she finds yoga helpful. Olympia gave an answer worthy of the Yoga Journal. She spoke about acceptance trumping the drive for improvement. She also reflected on self-knowledge and mindfulness. What a great lady.

Readeo: Video + Reading Books = Grandparents' Quality Time with Kids (From Afar)

Readeo has introduced a new BookChat, which allows grandparents to read storybooks to their grandchildren using webcam via the web.  This has enabled seniors to connect with their loved ones far away through creative means. 

iRobot: Enjoy Your Retirement While Your iRobot is Cleaning

If cleaning is relaxing for you, don't let us stop you. Otherwise, leave it up to the robot - an iRobot, that is. iRobot Product Manager Vishu Singh explains the benefits of using this household helper. Visit for more information.