What Makes a Good Mentor

What is a Mentor? Mentor Definition.

What is a mentor? One of the definitions on mentor I like for its clarity comes from the Encarta dictionary, which reads a mentor is an experienced adviser and supporter; somebody, usually older and more experienced, who advises and guides a younger, less experienced person.

Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich: The Secret to Marriage Longevity

Most people tend to admire long, healthy marriages. Despite mountains of relationship advice, it is not apparent to most people who set out to create a strong marriage how it can actually be accomplished. Here's at least one piece of the puzzle from a star couple, Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich. 

Mary Matalin and James Carville on Age Discrimination

I asked Mary Matalin and James Carville for their thoughts on dealing with age discrimination at the AARP 50+ Expo in Orlando this October. "It is not a cause for despair, there is actually a lot of opportunity in this kind of economy," advised Mary Matalin, describing how her own father dealt with a similar situation by taking the skills he had and being creative about them. "You can figure out the computer stuff, you cannot just get a lifetime of experience and wisdom," said Matalin. 

Dakim Brain Fitness: the Quality of Life is Great if We Keep It That Way

Charles Roberson is the Regional Vice President with Dakim BrainFitness ( Charles is passionate about brain fitness, and he shared a wealth of information about Dakim as I stopped by Dakim's booth at the AARP 50+ Expo in Orlando on October 2, 2010.

Julia Valentine: Charles, how does Dakim BrainFitness help seniors stay vibrant?

Lee Woodruff: Gamble the Outward Trappings, What Matters is How Happy You Are

Lee Woodruff is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose new book Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress came out recently. Lee observes and chronicles life in a beautiful way: she is profound, funny, irreverent and so refreshingly intelligent. I had an opportunity to ask Lee to share her observations on aging and reinvention at the More Magazine Reinvention Convention in New York on October 18th, 2010. Our conversation turned to dealing with fear, knowing yourself and choosing to deal with a crisis by being creative.

New Gingrich: Advice on Dealing with Age Discrimination for the 50-Plus

Age discrimination is a touchy subject with the 50-plus audience. I asked Newt Gingrich his opinion on dealing with this issue at the AARP 50+ Expo on October 1, 2010.

Julia Valentine: What do you think can be done about age discrimination on a policy level, and what would be your advice to anyone who is completely discouraged trying to find a job at, let’s say, 60 or 65?

Newt Gingrich: I think it is challenging for everyone to find a job right now, at any age. We have 9.6% unemployment, almost 20% underemployment.

Cesar Milan: How to Live Joyfully

I asked Cesar Milan if animals can teach us something about living joyfully, and - are you surprised? - there is plenty to learn from them. Animals are great at dealing with uncertainty (we aren't), they don't follow unstable leaders (we do), and they go by how someone feels (we mostly go by how someone looks).  Sounds fascinating? Read on.

Jane Pauley: Reinvention at 50+ Starts with Breaking Your Routine

Jane Pauley is AARP's Your Life Calling Ambassador (that's a unique title!) She has been interviewing 50+ Americans who reinvented themselves, whether by choice or necessity. Jane has been thinking and talking about reinvention for more than 20 years. So, I knew I would learn something important when I asked her this question at a press conference after her feature presentation at the AARP 50+ Expo on September 30, 2010.

Julia Valentine: Jane, thank you for being here. I was at your session earlier and it was fantastic, very thoughtful and sensitive.  What is your best advice for anyone who really wants to reinvent himself or herself, but is afraid to start?

Cesar Milan: Unstable Leaders Attractive to Humans, Not Dogs

Some lessons in leadership come from unexpected sources, like ... dogs. What insights about leadership can we gain from pack animals? Surprisingly, our observation of animals can help us become more aware of our own behavior.

Cesar Milan says, "Animals do not follow unstable pack leaders. Only humans follow greedy, fearful, selfish, jealous pack leaders. We run around and follow them, and we give them more power. We re-elect them, and re-elect them, and re-elect them. So, I think we can learn how to vote for the right leader."

Once You See the Limits Are Not True, Life Opens Up

Julia Valentine, Founder of Joy Compass, Interviews Ward Luthi, Founder and President of Walking the World

Julia Valentine: Today, I have a privilege of speaking with Mr. Ward Luthi, Founder and President of Walking the World, a leading adventure travel company for people Ward calls fifty and better.

Ward has been featured in major publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, US News and World report and hundreds of newspapers across the country. He is a recognized expert on adventure travel, and his excellent tips are posted on his company’s website at Ward is a popular speaker, and he served on the President’s Commission on America’s Outdoors. Ward, welcome!

Ward Luthi: Julia, thank you for having me on your site.

Julia Valentine: The pleasure is mine. What was it like to serve on the President’s Commission on America’s Outdoors?