Whoopi Goldberg: Evolve with the World

She is an actress, comedienne, radio disc jockey, author, singer-songwriter, talk show host and an activist. Not only that, but Whoopi Goldberg is one of the very few to win an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony and an Emmy. So, when I got a chance to ask Whoopi a few questions at the AARP 50+ Expo in Orlando last week, I wanted to know whether she felt she had realized her full potential. After all, so many people in their fifties that I speak to think that they have already done the most important things in their life. Whoopi sounds like a Zen master when she speaks about flowing with the Universe.

Joan Lunden: Helping People Recommit to Their Health

Joan Lunden spoke of her desire to motivate and inspire people to recommit to their health at the AARP 50+ Expo in Orlando last week. I was privileged to be able to ask Joan how she motivates herself to manage her overflowing to-do list!

Julia Valentine: Joan, you inspire so many people to pursue the best in their lives: a healthy lifestyle, happiness. What motivates you personally to go out and to do as much as you do?

Creative Ideas: Small Action for Life-changing Impact

When I read about the $40 stove that can change a family’s life (1Stove Project), my reaction was, you will never get a deal like that at Macy’s. You will never get a deal where you invest so little money for such a huge impact.

Questions to Ask Prospective Mentorship Programs

When looking for a mentorship program that fits your interests and availability, it's important to find out as much as you can about the mentorship program before making a commitment. Here's a list of questions you might want to explore with a prospective mentorship program.

What are the specific requirements of a mentor in your program, such as: the length of commitment, number of hours per week/month, and types of activities expected?

Martina Navratilova: Advice to Senior who Sees Fitness as a Chore

I was thrilled to be able to ask Martina Navratilova this question at the AARP 50+ Expo press conference last week. 

Julia Valentine: What is your advice to anyone who sees fitness as a chore? What would you tell them to change their mind and attitude?

Martina Navratilova: Well, when you see kids running around, you don’t ever say, “You need to go a little bit faster, you need to run.” You have to actually slow them down, because they want to run, they want to get there faster.

Retirement Planning and Worrying

Eighty percent of retirement planning consists of worrying. In particular, worrying about money. When almost everyone is currently experiencing losses which negatively effect their retirement savings, it is hardly surprising.

B.C. (Before Computers) - for "lucid" seniors with occasional "senior moments"

Before God heard of computers, He was kind enough to gift each and every one of us a little boy who would stay with us forever and ever until we left this earth and returned to never never land. His responsibilities were huge. He had no breaks, no vacations, no lunch hours and only rested when we went to sleep at night. There were times when we were ripe with ideas, and so he had to put on skates and run like crazy to file away all the information that was being sent up to him.

Yin & Yang

A way of describing and comparing things;

The soft and the hard, the empty and full.

The polarities.

A Framework for Choosing a Life Planning Book: Advice to the Reader

Life-planning books are a general category of books that aim to help you with a transformation at certain pivotal moments in your life. Going to college, retiring, being in a situation where you are dissatisfied with your life and want to change something — all are examples of such moments. The common theme to these events is your need to reevaluate and reshape your life, and it is helpful to have a structured process already mapped out to make your work easier.

Logically, there are five major steps to this process, summarized here and discussed in greater detail below. We can argue about where a certain concept belongs, but the framework is fairly straightforward:

First, you will likely seek (and will be provided) some sort of inspiration to embark on this task. Even if you are completely certain that you would like to create a better life for yourself, it is immensely encouraging to be reminded that many people have already done it, and done it successfully.

The Wisdom of Chinese Medicine: Qi is Life Energy

What defines Life is movement.
The Chinese call this movement, or energy, Qi.