Joy Compass: How to Make Your Retirement the Treasure of Your Life

By Julia Valentine

Julia Valentine in 60 sec.

Why are some people joyful, vibrant, fulfilled at 50+? Is it because they have money? Or are they just lucky? Neither. 

Julia Valentine condenses thousands of interviews into an astonishing 2-hour read on the real secrets of being joyful and fulfilled at any age. Backed by extensive research, Valentine's findings:

  • Stop your fear of aging in its tracks.
  • Help add joyful years to your life by instantly transforming your beliefs about aging.
  • Inspire you to use creativity to achieve better health. 
  • Give you a solid strategy to develop better solutions to your everyday problems.
  • Show you how to discover new activities and enjoy
    your freedom to do what you want.
  • Provide a key to discovering your true needs.
  • Reveal the secret to having lots of energy
    with minimal effort. 

7 Steps to Astonishing Quality of Life in Retirement 

joy compass book how to make your retirement the treasure of your life

  • Take the time to review what makes you happy in every area of your life and max out on your bliss. From one Aha! moment to the next, this unique book helps you design your ideal lifestyle filled with comfort and joy. 

  • This is a modern, interactive online system with quizzes, exercises and reports that you can revise, save and print. 

  • Many people have already derived enormous value from using the cutting-edge strategies described in this book!

Try it absolutely RISK-FREE for 90 days! 

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What is the difference?

There are two major differences:

1. The online version and the physical book start out with the same content, but the online version allows for easy updates that the print - for better or worse - simply doesn't. If a new study comes out, or an interesting idea pops into Valentine's head, it's is going to hit the online version fast. The print version will have to wait until the next revision. 

2. The online version is far more interactive. The physical book has the quizzes and the reports, but reading a book is a more passive experience than clicking on the quizzes and getting back the results right away. It is also a far more engaging process to type in your results into a report and print it out at the end. But, in the end, it is your preference!