Julia Valentine has her press accreditation through IFNM (the International Federation of New Media).

Julia Valentine has attended the top events that are of interest to her audience, most notably the AARP Expo in Orlando, 2010; the More Magazine Reinvention Convention in New York, 2010; the Innovation Forum in New York, 2010; The Future of Television Forum in New York, 2010; the National Retail Federation Expo in New York, 2011 and many others. 

Julia's interviews, articles and blogs focus on the main themes of her research:

1. Better aging experience is in store for us

An exploration of how technology is helping us age more comfortably. (Julia believes we are in for a treat, with a slew of wonderful options both for ourselves and our parents). 

2. Will you get that job in retirement?

Among the 1,004 workers surveyed by EBRI, 74% say they plan to work in retirement to supplement their savings, but just 23% of the 254 retirees surveyed say they have worked in retirement. Why the disconnect? We know that the main reasons retirees are not able to stay in the workforce are health problems and work skills that have eroded. (Julia is intensely interested in how this problem can be addressed.) 

3. The end of the round-about way

Quality of life is more than material comfort; it is both comfort and joy.  Warren Buffett said, "Stop wanting the house of your dreams and start wanting the house you can afford." Julia believes that we are going to pay more and more attention to our lifestyle and how we feel, rather than what we have.

4. Can we put the fundamental and cutting-edge research in finance, psychology, motivation and creativity to use for creating an amazing second half of our life?

Yes. Isn't is the time we did?