Emotional Health

Retiring is a major milestone in one’s life. Activities such as yoga, meditation and simple de-stressing techniques may be instrumental in helping you cope with this change. Below is a list of sources that can help you take care of your emotional and psychological health.

CarePages allows people experiencing a health event set up a support group of family and friends. 

Help Guide is the perfect resource for those seeking advice on emotional and medical issues.

Caring.com helps caregivers  become an expert on taking care of loved ones.

Yoga Movement offers articles, books, videos, sites, centers and events for yoga practitioners of all levels.

Insight Meditation Society provides the tools necessary to prepare for a Buddhist retreat.

The Yoga Site offers pictures and detailed descriptions of each classic yoga pose. 

Meditation Info Center provides exercises that can be done at work or at home, at your convenience. Meditation has been proven to reduce health risks while simultaneously spreading happiness and contentment amongst its supporters.  

Relaxation Expert offers many unique ways to relax, as well as tips on alleviating anxiety and stress. 

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