Creative Ideas: Small Action for Life-changing Impact

When I read about the $40 stove that can change a family’s life (1Stove Project), my reaction was, you will never get a deal like that at Macy’s. You will never get a deal where you invest so little money for such a huge impact.

Ward Luthi, CEO of Walking the World and the force behind 1Stove, expressed it perfectly, “I do not see the creative ideas, or the idea that we can do anything we want. We set a goal to go to the moon, and we did it. If we want to keep 1.5 million people from dying from smoke inhalation and burns caused by a three stone stove, we can. It costs $40. We could decide to give everyone in the world a stove and actually do it in a year.  And I do not see it. I am wondering, is it that we do not believe we can do these things, or are we too busy with other concerns? “ (Read the full interview here). 

We are overdue for ideas both practical and impactful. For some reason, we gravitate towards huge causes that cost millions of dollars. We tend to underestimate that small change is all there is. It is all we need to do. Buying one stove for one family. Taking a 20-minute walk to get some exercise in. We have this illusion that we want everything to be huge, rather than realizing that a small change can have a huge impact.

So, with this philosophy in mind, we are starting the Creative Ideas list. We would like to set the following parameters for these ideas:

  1. Cheap – under $50
  2. Life changing  - clearly defined impact
  3. Tangible and practical – solves a problem we can comprehend
  4. Verifiable – confidence that this is getting done, and by a reputable source


                                             - Julia Valentine on behalf of Ward Luthi 

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