Joy Compass Retirement Seminar and Strategy Session

The easiest way to prepare your mind, body and wallet

Julia Valentine in 60 sec.

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Discover and define "what's next" in your life in this strategy session with Julia Valentine. 

Set your compass to a carefree, fulfilling, joyful, comfortable, secure retirement.  

Work with a leading retirement expert, speaker and author who has developed a unique system for creating emotional and financial well-being. 

This retirement seminar is designed for people who throw open the doors to clarity, comfort and joy.  

Clarity: walk out with a roadmap for your lifestyle and financial decisions.

Comfort: finally grasp financial concepts that are essential to a great retirement. Put your financial roadmap firmly in place.

Joy: learn the shortcuts to skills and mental blueprints of people who enjoy life.

This is an exclusive event with only 30 seats available to give you the attention you deserve, and ensures that the strategy you develop produces excellent results. 

"I will give you a roadmap for your financial and lifestyle decisions. You are going to live 20-30 years after the conventional age of retirement. Be smart!" - Julia Valentine

A comprehensive full-day seminar from 9AM - 6PM on Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Location: Holiday Inn Midtown on 57th Street in Manhattan. 440 West 57th St, New York City NY 10019. Columbus Circle area with plenty of parking. Hotel directions here.

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Five Reasons the Joy Compass Retirement Seminar will put you on the path to a worry-free, enjoyable retirement:

1. Learn the Most Important Concepts Because Your Time Is Valuable

Julia condensed 10 years of research into a full-day seminar. With so much information out there, how else would you determine what's critical? 

2. Master the Most Critical Factors of a Successful Retirement 

Learn beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of people who enjoy full-blast living in retirement. Yale University research shows that mastering just one crucial belief can add 7 1/2 years to your life. 

3. Finally Grasp Key Financial Concepts Related to Retirement

Julia made a list of everything that she wished her own family knew and added the insights she gained from her MBA and Wall Street experience. "This would have saved my own family well over a million dollars, if only I knew it back when they needed it!" - Julia Valentine 

4. Design Your Lifestyle And Figure Out How You Will Spend Your Time

Knowing what you truly need and want is difficult, mostly because you've been told so many times that you cannot have it. But you can! Julia will lead you through it step-by-step using her unique easy methodology.

5. Skills for a Great Quality of Life in Retirement

You will learn the three major skills that will put you in the top 10% of retirees in terms of life satisfaction. The most common response we get is, "Why didn't I learn this years ago?!" 


The last hour will be spent on a Q&A session. You will have an exclusive opportunity to ask Julia any questions you have. TV and radio hosts and producers pick her brain before and after the show, and you should have this opportunity as well. We limit the seats in the seminar so that you leave knowing your roadmap and being clear about your direction. What a great feeling!

Finally, this seminar is risk-free. We'll give you a full refund if you ask and won't make you feel bad about it.

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$499 per person

$499 - Order Now

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